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Emotional intelligence is a key part of a child’s mental health that will assist them in developing their full potential. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mentally healthy children have a positive viewpoint on life and can function well at home, in private schools Greenville NC, and in their communities. Despite their age and development stage, it is crucial for children to know how to express their feelings and identify their sentiments. As the leading Greenville NC private school, Walton Academy is dedicated to providing a safe environment where children have the freedom to communicate with their teachers and classmates with confidence. We have put together the following tips that the best private schools Greenville NC put into action to support children in expressing their feelings.

Lead By Example

When teaching children how to communicate their feelings, it is important to remain as calm and positive as you can. Remember that kids are still learning about emotions and how to cope with frustrating situations. If your child is showing negative behaviors, take it as a teaching opportunity where your little one discusses openly what they are feeling at the moment. Professionals that work at a Greenville NC private school say that remaining calm, choosing your words wisely, and setting a warm tone of voice will ensure a positive outcome.

Assist Them in Expressing Their Feelings

Dealing with emotions can be hard for children as they are still too young to deeply understand what makes them feel a certain way. Private schools Greenville NC suggest making eye contact with your little one to create a strong connection that allows them to open up to you. Another way to let them express their feelings is by naming their emotions. For instance, if your child is feeling angry, ask them to describe the situation that made them feel that way. Once they have explained, you can then repeat the information to ensure that they said everything they needed to say. Be sure to give their emotion a name such as “I understand why you are feeling upset about your brother taking your favorite toy without asking.”

Introduce Problem Solving

While expressing feelings and emotions is incredibly important in early childhood education, teaching problem solving is just as crucial for successful emotional intelligence. Once they understand their emotions, it’s time to introduce problem-solving. Parents can guide their children in coming up with a few ideas to solve specific negative situations.

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