As a parent, one of your biggest goals is to give your child all the necessary tools to be successful. With this in mind, many parents struggle internally while trying to decide whether to send their child to public or private school. While this is a very personal decision we’ve compiled a list of 5 proven benefits to your child attending a private school.

A Unique Approach to Academics

Private Schools provide exceptional and challenging educational experiences for students. At Walton Academy, we focus on educating students using an interdisciplinary approach. We teach higher order thinking skills by encouraging children to problem-solve and think critically.

Fewer Students Per Teacher

Studies have shown for years now that students in smaller class sizes perform better on academic tests than the average student. With smaller class sizes students are more likely to receive individual attention bolstering their weak areas and advancing their strengths.

One Step Further than the PTA

It is well known that from Kindergarten through college when parents are involved in their students’ education their students do better. Private schools, Walton Academy included, are built around open communication between parents and administration and we make it a priority to involve parents in the community. This common ground is not only great for the child’s education but also helps strengthen parent-child relationships.

Teachers that Love what they do and it Shows

In private schools, instructors are not only qualified but also are extremely passionate about teaching. Within a tight-knit school community such as Walton Academy, students have close relationships with their teachers who commonly act as role model. If you choose Walton Academy for your child’s education you can rest assured your children will be very well influenced by our experienced teachers and staff. In addition, small class sizes make staff members more readily available for extra help or to further challenge your child.

Safety First!

Private schools are notorious for maintaining high standards for discipline and respect. With smaller class sizes teachers can more effectively observe students, reducing the likelihood of bullying and other potentially tragic events. You can also rest easy knowing that nobody that is not supposed to be on campus will be at your child’s school. The discipline learned in private school improves a student’s potential for success in post-secondary education, when they are in control of their class attendance and achievement.

Deciding whether or not to place your child in private school is a very tough decision. If you are in Greenville, NC and looking for a private school your first stop should be Walton Academy. Competitively priced and an unparalleled model in the Greenville area Walton Academy is bound to be a great choice for you and your family. Stop by our website for a virtual tour or contact us for more information about becoming apart of the Walton Academy family!