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As summer break begins and the heat swells, you’ll probably find your child (and yourself) on your screens in the air conditioning even more than usual. While playing games, watching movies, and talking to friends is healthy and normal to be doing at this time of the year, it may be worth it to work in some more educational entertainment to their days as well. Since your child is likely already on their phones most of the day, many educational companies have developed apps aimed at teaching children new skills while still keeping them entertained. Here are five fun and educational apps to entertain your child this summer from our Greenville NC private school.


Age Range: 5-14

Cost: Basic is Free, or $10-15/month for Premium

Subject: Math

Set up like a video game, Prodigy invites kids on a journey through a fantasy world where solving math problems earns them spells. Each spell allows them to battle monsters as they move through each level. Covering private schools Greenville NC curriculum topics ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade, this app works well for both learning new concepts or simply reviewing what they already know. If your child loves video games or is a fantasy fanatic, our Greenville NC private school believes this could be the perfect motivation for them to level up their mathematical skills.

Google Arts and Culture

Age Range: 10+

Cost: Free

Subject: Art, Culture, History, Geography

Our Greenville NC private school knows STEM subjects are important, but so is understanding the world around you! Google’s completely free app allows kids and adults alike to learn about a range of subjects in art, history, geography, and culture. On this app, your kids can learn about international cuisines, world cultures, turn their photos into works of art, and even virtually tour some of the world’s biggest museums. They even have a feature where you can take a selfie and see who your art doppelgänger is! Google’s Arts and Culture app is a great way to supplement your child’s arts education.


Age Range: 10-16

Cost: Free, with In-App purchase options

Subject: Computer Coding

As STEM subjects continue to become more and more valued in today’s technology-driven world, computer programming does as well. Unfortunately many schools, simply don’t have the budget for programming courses, so introducing your child to coding often falls into the hands of proactive parents. Although it may seem like a very deep subject to throw a child into, Hopscotch makes computer coding simple, with fun, bite-sized lessons. Kids can create their own avatars and interact with each other as they learn. As the app says, its open-ended nature means there are “no wrong answers,” so children are free to explore and create without feeling like they’ve failed a test.


Age Range: 8+

Cost: Free, with In-App purchase options

Subject: Language

Being bilingual can give your child a major leg-up in the world. The US is home to one of the most diverse areas in the world in terms of language, and it’s never too early to have your child begin learning one. With over 35 different languages available, the options are limitless! Arguably the most well known language learning app, Duo Lingo makes learning a breeze with fun, easy-to-follow modules. The app uses lots of pictures and is interactive, allowing kids to learn alongside their friends in the app. It also encourages self-competitiveness, as it rewards users when they hit streaks.

Stop, Breathe, and Think (Kids)

Age Range: 5-10

Cost: Free, with In-App purchase options

Subject: Mindfulness

Mental and emotional well-being is something that is often overlooked in education. Many students struggle in school due to being unable to regulate their big emotions, especially children dealing with issues like ADHD and Autism. However, our Greenville NC private school believes this mindfulness app makes a great addition to any child’s life curriculum. The app begins by asking your child a few questions about how they’re currently feeling, and then gives them mindfulness exercises disguised as “missions” to combat any negative emotions they may be experiencing as well as tools on how to tackle them in the future.

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Looking for more educational tips and tricks? Be on the lookout for our blogs! We’re constantly scouring the web for more ways to boost your child’s brainpower while keeping them entertained. Although summer may be just starting, it’s never too early to start thinking about your child’s education. Walton Academy, one of the top private schools in Greenville NC, can give your child the building blocks for a better future. Call today or visit our site to learn more about why our Greenville NC private school may be the perfect place for your child.