We all wish for our children to succeed in their academics, but when a child or teen begins to struggle with their school work, it is important to get them the help they need as quickly as possible. Due to the Common Core Standards required by private schools in Pitt County NC that build on each other, the need for your child to not only understand but also retain the information they are learning is critical now more than ever. But how can you tell if your student is struggling with their school work? Below are some signs to look for:

Sudden Change in Attitude or Refusing to Discuss School

This can be a telltale sign of your child having a difficult time. When your child all of the sudden doesn’t want to talk to you about what they are learning in school, or how their school day went, this should be a signal that something is not right. If your child suddenly becomes distant, angry, or bored with school work, you can bet they do not like how things are going at school. If a child complains about being bored, they may already know the information they are learning, or they truly don’t understand the material and resort to not even listening.

Difficulty Sleeping or Eating

While adults deal with this more often, problems sleeping or eating often result from worry in children too. Your child may be having problems sleeping or are not interested in eating if they know they aren’t keeping up with the class on their school work. Young children tend to stress about wanting to please the caring adults in their lives, and worry that their slipping grades will cause them to be upset. Older children or teens begin to worry about their future and how their success will be impacted if they begin to fall behind. Too much of this behavior can result in more difficulties and cause a ripple effect for your student.

Spending Excessive Time on Homework or Take Home Quizzes

It is a big warning sign if your child is missing out on playing with friends or partaking in their favorite activities because they are spending all of their free time on completing homework. Homework policies vary tremendously among teachers and schools, so it is important to realize that some teachers give out more homework and some give out far less when beginning to worry. Become familiar with the teacher’s homework policies at Walton Academy Private School Greenville NC so you can take steps to help your child if they start to develop a pattern showing they are struggling.

A Teacher Expresses Concern

Sometimes it can be difficult to hear a teacher or administrator tell you that your child is performing differently than what you have always known your child to do, yet the teachers at Walton Academy take every opportunity to help a student succeed in their studies. A teacher can notice almost immediately if a student isn’t understanding the material when all of the other private schools in Pitt County NC students are. If a teacher or admin reaches out to you about your child’s academic standing, they are giving you the chance to help address any problems they may see beginning to develop. Teachers usually have a few suggestions in mind about what they think might help or may wait for the parent to initiate the request. The teacher’s thoughts and ideas are information that you as the parent can put together with everything else you know about your child to have some of the options available to help them if they are struggling in school.

Your Child Receives Low Grades

This sign is an obvious one, yet some parents are oblivious to the grades their students are making because they don’t ask or check returned work. An occasional poor grade on an assignment when attending private schools in Greenville NC may not be cause for serious concern. Yet, a pattern of low grades or a report card full of poor grades is a red flag. Be sure to understand all of the information that is on a report card, learn how to speak to your student about their grades and report cards, and together come up with a plan to help your child.

The support, encouragement, and advocacy you provide your child when they begin to struggle in school can make a huge difference in their ability to get back on track. While it is understandable to worry about your child’s future when they begin to struggle, remember that learning how to overcome difficulties is a valuable lifelong lesson that can lead to success in school and in life. Always feel comfortable reaching out to Walton Academy teachers and other staff with questions, concerns, or requests about your child’s learning.