Walton Academy, one of the best private schools in Pitt County NC, not only offers a before-school program but, most importantly, offers after school programs Greenville NC. The option of an after-school program are helping our professionals enhance our student’s academic, social and emotional growth in our educational environment. Additionally, knowing the benefits of these programs can help reassure parents who desire before and after-school care.

Receive Help On Homework

The curriculum has changed since many parents have been in school, and with that, sometimes it’s challenging to help your children with homework if you don’t know what they are learning and how they are supposed to do it. However, receiving after-school care at their elementary schools in Greenville NC gives our students a chance to ask those teaching the material questions regarding their assignments. This opportunity can help ensure our students fully understand the material they are learning!

Sense Of Community

Children participating in these programs can make new friends and form positive relationships with adults outside their families. Participating in these programs can be especially beneficial for children who only have a few opportunities to socialize outside school. Socializing and making friends is a part of character development, and after school programs Greenville NC can help our students thrive in this department.

Involvement in After School Activities

Involving your kids in after-school activities is a good way for our students to pursue new skills, find new interests and build self-confidence. At Walton Academy, elementary schools in Greenville NC, we offer plenty of activities in reading, math, science, great literature, fine arts, theater, character development, writing, language, and cultural exploration. A way for students to strengthen their skills and understanding in various subjects.

Walton Academy | After School Programs Greenville NC

After-school programs offer a wide range of benefits for elementary school students. From receiving help on homework, developing a sense of community, and involving themselves in new activities. Our community at Walton Academy wants to see our students succeed, and our offering of before and after-school care can do just that. Contact one of the best private schools in Pitt County NC, today to learn more!

Walton Academy | After School Programs Greenville NC