As we welcome the New Year, there are other holidays to celebrate with your little ones like National Play Outside Day! This holiday is celebrated on the first Saturday of every month, and it’s the perfect occasion to switch from the virtual world to explore the outdoors at least once a month. Due to the advance of digital technology, it is harder and harder to get children to play outside.

At Walton Academy, we emphasize the importance of children connecting with nature and using natural elements as stimulation. If you and your little ones can’t wait to explore the outdoors in honor of National Play Outside Day, here are some ideas that private schools in Greenville NC implement to celebrate this holiday.

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Benefits of Outdoor Play

Greenville NC private school experts say, not only playing outside is fun, but it also has countless benefits for your children’s cognitive and social development like the ones below.

Best Ways to Get Your Kids to Play Outside

Nature Walks: Taking a nature walk with your little one will teach them to observe, explore and have a love for nature. Additionally, the best private schools Greenville NC explain that regular walks ensure a balanced sunlight exposure, and in effect, boost their mood and immune system.

Draw with Chalk: If you rather stay at home, there are other activities that will require outside time. For instance, letting your children paint the sidewalk or driveway will improve their concentration and motor skills, and they can do this activity from the comfort of your house.

Create an Outdoor Play Area: One of the best ways that private schools in Greenville NC like Walton Academy implement outdoor time, is having a designated play area outside. Parents can also create a special area in their backyard that will be just as fun as going to a specific destination. Regardless of the activity, having an area of your house where your kids can have their daily dose of outdoor play, is key to stimulating their imaginations with nature elements.

Plan a Weekend Trip: Lastly, if you’ve been wanting to take a family trip with your little ones, be sure to plan a nature trip. Professionals that work at private schools in Greenville NC suggest camping, small hikes, and other age-appropriate activities that can be done outdoors.

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