Unlocking the Potential of First-Grade Reading Goals in Charter Schools

Many parents consider enrolling their children in charter schools, Greenville, NC offers students dynamic alternatives that allow for tailored learning experiences. At Walton Academy, we have made strides in hitting 1st-grade reading goals and educational milestones. To ensure our students achieve the maximum educational experience, inside and outside the classroom.

In the Classroom: Boosting Reading Skills

At Walton Academy, our commitment to academic excellence starts within our classrooms. We understand the critical importance of early literacy development, so we focus on empowering our youth to become proficient readers. By enrolling your children in charter schools in Greenville, you provide your child with a fantastic education. We use different techniques and strategies to increase reading skills and make students fall in love with reading.

Guided Reading Sessions

Guided reading sessions include interactive discussions, reading strategy practice, and immediate feedback, fostering continuous growth and comprehension in reading skills. The aim is to develop confident readers capable of navigating diverse texts to instill the foundations of reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

Positive Reinforcement

Praise and recognition motivate children to develop their reading skills. By celebrating achievements such as completing books or mastering new phonics skills, we create a supportive environment that boosts students’ confidence and enthusiasm for reading.

Innovative Techniques

Innovation is at the heart of charter schools in Greenville, NC. Walton Academy follows the same merits as other charter schools in Greenville. These innovative approaches make reading more enjoyable and enhance comprehension and critical thinking skills, empowering students to become confident and proficient readers.

Young Girl Sitting on the table reading

At Home: Learning Experience Expanded

With the educational tools provided to our students, it is imperative to continue the education at home to ensure the students’ retention of information.

Reading Aloud

Encouraging your children to read aloud strengthens their reading skills and fosters a deeper connection between the child and parent. This shared reading experience promotes bonding, boosts confidence, and reinforces the importance of literacy in everyday life. To strengthen your child’s reading skills, you can:

Building your child’s reading skills helps them become more avid readers and hit different reading milestones.

Reading Games
If there is not enough time in the day for you to hear your children read, resources online that improve your child’s reading skills, including:

These websites offer online resources to help students outside of class.

Taking the Initiative to Meet Reading Goals

Refined skills require practice and repetition, as well as creative reading methods to hit the 1st-grade reading goals inside and outside of the classroom. Charter schools in Greenville provide children with an engaging environment to ensure they maximize their education. Check out Walton Academy’s Admission page to enroll your child for the 2024-2025 academic year!