Choosing a school used to be a simple choice for parents. In most places, parents had to choose between local public schools and churches. Today, parents have a wide variety of options to choose between. Ultimately, these choices can be narrowed down to two categories; public and private. Kindergarten is the first step in your child’s education, and the decision you make can have an impact on the rest of their academic career. Choosing a kindergarten is an important decision with a lot of factors, but there are some things you can consider to narrow down your search.

Teacher Attention

Most public schools have a high teacher to student ratio. That means that your child will receive less individual attention. If you would like for your child to get one-on-interaction with their teacher, public school may not be the right choice for them. On average, private schools are half the size of public schools, which means teachers have twice as many children to manage in a public school. However, public schools typically require teachers to have more education and licenses than private schools. If your child needs individual attention because of a learning disability, you might be more likely to find qualified teachers at a public school.

Learning More than Math and Science

Private schools tend to be more focused on character education than public schools. Many private schools have lessons designed to teach students values, etiquette, and other lessons that they will make use of beyond the classroom. The curriculum in public schools tends to focus on preparing students for state-mandated tests. The focus on standardized tests, combined with a high student to teacher, means that teachers are not teaching students anything that’s not on the state lesson plan.


Private schools focus on building a community. Parents and teachers work together to ensure that a student gets the learning experience that best suits their needs. Teachers tend to have personal relationships with parents, which can help both parents and teachers ensure that the student is successful. Teachers at public schools are less likely to build a personal relationship with parents. Teachers and parents at public schools typically only meet when there is a problem. Private schools also have community involvement in their curriculum. It’s typical for private schools to arrange charity and community involvement for students to take part in.

Choosing what kind of kindergarten to send your child to is a big decision. If you’re considering a private kindergarten, check out Walton Academy. Our STEAM curriculum focuses on teaching students Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Contact us for more information, or come by for a tour!