Halloween is such an exciting time of year, and we know your kiddos look forward to dressing up, staying out past their bedtime, and eating all the candy they want. Since Halloween only happens once a year, it’s important to remind your child of the safety measures you have in place to keep them safe and have fun all night long. As one of the top private schools in Pitt County NC, Walton Academy wants to help keep your kids safe and having fun this Halloween, so we’ve put together these friendly reminders.

Be Clever with Costume Choices

Costumes are one of the best things about Halloween, minus the candy, so make it fun and make it bright for safety reasons. If you’re planning on trick-or-treating the neighborhood, consider picking out costumes that are bright in color, like yellow or orange, that will make your child visible. You can also get creative and add reflective tape to costumes or treat bags to help remain visible after dark. Consider using non-toxic makeup instead of wearing masks since they could potentially obstruct your child’s vision.


Set Ground Rules

It’s always a good idea to set ground rules for your kids to follow, even if you’ll be accompanying them around the neighborhood. Trick-or-treating is the best part about Halloween, and while your kid shows off their costume and gets a ton of candy, it’s best not to let them eat any until you can inspect it. It’s also best to throw away any candy that isn’t sealed, partially torn, or looks questionable; you can never be too safe when inspecting your child’s treats.


Have a Game Plan

Let your kids know ahead of time which houses or blocks you’ll be visiting so they can get excited about the experience. Also, try to communicate with them what time you’ll stop trick-or-treating and get them to agree, so they know when to expect the fun to end. They’re sure to be disappointed when the fun ends, but remind them that you decided to only stay out until a certain time.


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At Walton Academy, private schools in Pitt County NC, we believe that education goes beyond the classroom. Holidays like trick-or-treating are a great way to help instill responsibility and encourage character development outside of the classroom. Children develop their foundational well-being, self-confidence, academics, physical health, and overall happiness during their early childhood years. We want to inspire your children to reach their full potential, not only educationally but also personally. If you’d like to know more about enrolling your child at Walton Academy, private schools in Pitt County NC, visit our website or contact us today.