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When you visit private schools Greenville NC, you may be shocked by the amount of technology that has entered the classroom. In fact, your Greenville NC private school may have a completely online platform for administering assignments and tests. From the outside looking in, understanding the uses and advantages of technology can be difficult. However, as a parent of a Greenville NC private school student, knowing the purpose of technology in the classroom so you can apply it at home is incredibly beneficial.


Classroom tech is applicable in a diverse range of situations including, but not limited to:

1. Learning management

As mentioned before, some private schools Greenville NC have completely online assignments and tests. This is known as a learning management system. Some popular systems like Canvas and Edmodo found their way into elementary schools because of Covid-19, as they allowed for easier communication between students and their peers as well between students and teachers. As students returned to classrooms, the learning management systems stayed in place.

2. Engagement

In class engagement is a key to effective learning and a cohesive classroom. Devices like SmartBoards or clickers allows teachers to keep students actively engaged in the lesson by allowing them to participate in real time and receive immediate feedback. While clickers as we know them may be phasing out, iPad apps and other devices can still act as clickers or allow for interactive lessons, like the SmartBoard did.

3. Communication

Perhaps the most influential way that electronics have impacted private schools Greenville NC is by opening up the communication stream between parents, students, and teachers. By having more online resources, the parent can have direct access to the material the student is learning, grades, feedback, and more. Rather than waiting for notes home that could be thrown away, report cards, and parent-teacher conferences, parents can be directly involved in their child’s education.


With all of these changes, the inherent benefits can become muddled and tough to make out. However, technology in the classroom has the power to create a more efficient learning environment for all students. By having online resources, the students are enabled to move at a speed that works best for them and take time to fully understand concepts they don’t understand. This is because the classrooms are no longer paced by the average student but by each individual.

Hand in hand with this development is the ability of children to seek out topics that they find interesting and to learn it in a way that leads to retention. The freedom to research a wide range of topics means students can truly enjoy what they are learning. Beyond this, on devices like iPads, educational games often lead to increased performance, as the phenomenon of gamification takes place.

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The added technology in private schools Greenville NC can be a controversial conversation topic for many people. Parents often become upset at the amount of time their children spend on devices, and this predetermined notion may lead to undeserved biases against tech-savvy classrooms. However, this technology can lead to many beneficial developments that set a school or classroom apart from the rest. Learn more about how Walton Academy sets your child up for success and visit our website today!