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If you are raising a child with a learning disability, going to school may be challenging for them. If you notice your child slipping behind in their curricular levels or failing in school, they can be assessed to receive accommodated learning. From Walton Academy, one of the best private schools Greenville NC, let’s talk about IEP and 504 programs.

What is an IEP Program?

Individualized Education Plans, or IEPs, are designed to ensure that students with learning disabilities receive specialized training. This gives the student, parents, teachers, and professors a chance to work together to develop a curriculum that will best support the student’s academic success. Some modifications include one-on-one instruction, additional time, separate testing areas, and small group instruction. To be eligible for an IEP, the Greenville NC private school student must have a condition that impairs academic performance, needing an individually designed program. Disabilities eligible for an IEP include dyslexia, autism ADHD, cognitive challenges, developmental delays, and emotional disorders.

What is a 504 Program?

A 504 plan is similar to an IEP. This program is designed to support kids who have trouble focusing, speaking, performing, handling stress, and engaging with others during learning activities. If a child’s mental or physical health prevents them from learning in traditional private schools Greenville NC classroom settings, they will be given accommodations, such as a seat toward the front of the room or extra time on tests.

Testing Your Child for a Learning Disability

When a teacher, parent, or doctor suspects a child may be struggling in class, they inform the private schools Greenville NC psychologist or counselor, and this starts the referral process. Following the initial referral phase, it is recommended to visit a doctor or neuropsychologist. To be diagnosed with a learning disability, several tests evaluate different learning patterns to indicate what your child may be struggling with. Once you know the diagnosis, you can follow up with the school to create a plan.

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It’s important to understand which private schools Greenville NC offer academic programs for children with learning disabilities. If you decide to send your child to a Greenville NC private school, make sure the school is able to provide the support your child needs to flourish academically. To learn more about our excellent personnel and support system, visit our Greenville NC private school website today!