With summer approaching, children spend more time at home. It is a time when kids go on vacations, attend summer programs, or sit and play their favorite video games. While it is a time for students and teachers to relax, it is also essential for students to complete educational activities to ensure they retain the information learned during school. At Walton Academy, one of the best schools in Greenville, NC, we believe summer education is imperative. Here are activities to help your children’s education outside the classroom.

Kids playing with a dinosaur outside

Summer Education: Class is in Session

Summer activities play a pivotal role in children’s holistic development. They foster creativity, social skills, and physical well-being. Studies show that educational settings are imperative to the child and set them up for later stages in their life. Children enjoy, grow, learn, and create lasting memories by embracing summer activities. We also offer students a summer program as well.

Activities For The Summer

These activities include engaging ways to help parents and students connect, retain information, and develop skills to prepare for the school year.

Road Trip to Museums

Museums can provide memorable, immersive learning experiences, provoke imagination, and introduce unknown worlds and subject matter while offering a unique environment. During a family vacation, make sure you can visit the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raliegh this summer, about an hour and a half away from Walton Academy. For a local experience, check out the Greenville Museum of Art to experience local artists.

Trip To the Local Library

Visiting the local library during summer break is a fantastic way for children to stay engaged and continue learning. Libraries offer a treasure trove of books, stimulating curiosity and imagination. They also host various programs, such as reading clubs and educational workshops, providing opportunities for social interaction and skill development. Head to the local Greenville, NC, library to check out books and keep your young students engaged.

Charter School is Out For The Summer

Summer activities provide a perfect blend of fun and education, helping children retain information and develop new skills. Private schools in Pitt County, NC like Walton Academy provide opportunities for kids to enjoy, make memories, and return to school energized and ready for success. Check out Walton Academy to enroll your child in our summer programs and the 2024-2025 Greenville, NC charter schools school year!