If your child has a learning disability, private schools Greenville NC understand it can be challenging to figure out ways best to support them. Once you notice signs of a learning disability, get a professional opinion, and letting their teachers and school counselors know is crucial. Walton Academy understands every student will learn differently. Therefore, having specific accommodations for students with learning disabilities will benefit the student’s academic environment and help support them. As a parent, you must be just as supportive of your student as their teachers.

How To Be a Supportive Parent

1. Advocate for Your Child

It’s crucial to be your child’s advocate and ensure their needs are met at Greenville NC schools. Work with your child’s teacher at Walton Academy to develop an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). An IEP will outline specific accommodations and modifications to help your child succeed. Be sure to attend all parent-teacher conferences and actively communicate with your child’s teacher to ensure that your child is getting the support they need.

2. Provide a Structured Environment

Children with learning disabilities often thrive in structured environments with clear expectations and routines, which they will find at Greenville NC charter schools. Work with your child’s teacher to establish consistent routines and expectations at home and school. Establishing consistent routines can include things like setting a regular homework time, having a designated study area, and creating a daily schedule that incorporates time for homework, chores, and relaxation.

3. Provide Additional Support

Consider enrolling your child in tutoring or other academic support programs to provide them with additional help outside the classroom. Many Greenville NC schools offer after-school programs or tutoring services or even consider hiring a private tutor. In addition, many online resources and programs can provide additional support for your child who attends our Greenville NC charter schools.

4. Celebrate Your Child’s Successes

Celebrating your child’s successes is essential, no matter how small they may seem. Recognize your child’s efforts and accomplishments, and encourage them to continue working towards their goals. Celebrating their successes can help build their confidence and motivation to keep trying.

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Remember, supporting your child with a learning disability can be challenging, but with patience, persistence, and the right resources, you can help your child succeed. Consider contacting other parents of children with learning disabilities for support and guidance. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your child’s teacher or other Walton Academy staff if needed. Private schools Greenville NC want to see our students succeed, contact Walton Academy today and see how our professionals can help.


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