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With summer finally here, you may find yourself looking for an outlet for your child’s energy and creativity for the next few months. At Walton Academy, one of the premier private schools in Greenville NC, we believe summer camps are a great way for children to do just this! Not only will summer camp provide something for your child to do, but often your child will leave camp feeling more confident and even more prepared for the next school year. However, how do you know which camp is best for you? While there are many different things to consider when deciding, there are a few that you’ll want to focus on the most. Here are three of the things you should stop and consider when choosing a summer camp.


As much as we’d like to send our children to the best of the best, summer camps can be expensive. Programs today can range anywhere from thousands of dollars to completely free. You’ll want to take a moment to sit down and look at your family’s personal finances to see what camps are available to you. According to the American Camp Association, the average daily cost of a day camp is now $178, so it may be beneficial to start saving well in advance! If you are worried about affording camp, many programs offer sliding scales for families in need, or families who meet certain criteria. Even if you don’t see this service listed on the site of the organization you’re considering, it never hurts to send over a quick email.


While many camps offer the classic camp activities (like canoeing, archery, and hiking) that you may have experienced as a kid, many camps are now specialized. You may want to consider what your child seems to have a talent for or has an interest in, and look for a camp that concentrates on that topic. Some examples of camps like this are sports camps, academic camps, or art camps. You can even find camps that have an even more specific focus within these categories. STEM camps focusing on topics like coding, robotics, and math are becoming increasingly popular. If you’d prefer your child to receive a more well-rounded camp experience, our own summer camps may be something to look into. At Walton Academy camps, one of the best private schools in Greenville NC, your child will learn about a variety of topics like math, science, literature, theater, and even world cultures and languages. Whatever focus you and your child are interested in, you’ll want to find a camp that includes topics within it.


Although the traditional camp experience is the sleep-away variation, nowadays you can find plenty of day, and even virtual, camps. While day camps may provide parents with more peace of mind, having your child stay at a residential camp can help them build character and independence. If you do choose to send your child to a sleep-away camp, make sure to list any specific needs like allergies or disabilities their camp counselor should know about. If your child is apprehensive about their first time away from you, you can always try having them stay with a friend or family member for a week before signing up for a sleep-away camp to test out what it will feel like. Some camps will also let you stay with your child for the duration of their program. Whichever category of camp you’re thinking of, at Walton Academy, one of the top private schools in Greenville NC, we believe it’s important to make sure it’s right for your child and their particular needs.

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While there are many factors to consider when deciding which summer camp is right for you and your child, these three topics are great places to start. Looking for a summer camp for your child? Check out our programs! Looking at private schools in Greenville NC? Walton Academy, Greenville NC private school, is enrolling for next year! It may be summer, but it’s never too late to look into how to better your child’s education and future. Get ahead of the game and take a look at our admissions process. If you’re ready to experience the Walton Academy difference, contact us to get started today!