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Exams can be one of the least favorite school activities for students, however, they are important and will ensure that your child is constantly improving in school. At Walton Academy, our priority is to support parents to prepare their children for success, and our educational approach is what sets us apart from other private schools Greenville NC. Read along as the leading Greenville NC private school shares five practical ways to prepare your little ones for their upcoming exams.

Know Your Child’s Learning Style

Knowing your child’s learning style is crucial to developing good study habits and preparing for tests. If you notice that your child is struggling to learn and retain information, then it’s time to figure out their learning style and implement other education techniques. The four most common types of learning styles are listed below.

Visual Learner: If your kid is a visual learner, then they will prefer pictures, diagrams, and other types of graphic elements. Private schools Greenville NC say that it is important to give them the opportunity to draw anything that they are learning as this is how they process and retain important information.

Auditory Learner: Students that are considered auditory learners tend to love lectures, and often repeat information out loud to comprehend it better. These students benefit from group discussions including questions and parents verbally explaining a topic.

Kinesthetic Learner: Students that have a kinesthetic learning style benefit from experiencing and performing activities. Parents can instruct their children to act a scene from a lesson that they are trying to learn from. Additionally, implementing games that teach them the topic they need to learn will increase their ability to memorize important information.

Reading/writing Learner: If your child learns through written texts, or prefers to write information down, then they are reading and writing learners. Students that benefit from reading and writing need extra time to absorb and retain all of the information they just learned.

Provide Emotional Support

Parents must also provide emotional support during exam season as studying for tests can be stressful for children. If your child feels overwhelmed, be sure to build their confidence and respond to their frustrations with a positive attitude to ensure good performance.

Reward Good Work

If you see that your little one is trying their best to study and succeed in their exam, reward them for their effort and hard work. Perhaps by baking their favorite cookies, or taking them to the movies after their exam, but remember to let your kid know they did a great job!

Ensure They Are Getting a Goodnight’s Sleep

During an exam, it is important that your little one is focused and alert. Lack of sleep can impact the ability of the brain to learn and retain information, meaning that if your child hasn’t had a goodnight’s sleep, their performance during a test will be affected. Ensure that they have a relaxing nighttime routine before their test, and provide them with a nutritious breakfast before sending them off to school.

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At Walton Academy, we are committed to providing educated resources ensuring our students reach their full academic potential. As the leading entity of all private schools Greenville NC, our use of guided reading, writing, and math groups allows our teachers to give each child the individualized attention that they need in order to succeed. Visit our website to learn more!