Spring break is upon us, and now is the time to start planning your next vacation destination for spring break 2023. Walton Academy, one of the best Greenville NC Charter Schools, has created a list of the top five educational travel destinations to ensure your child is having fun yet learning over their break. Why not have an educational vacation?

Williamsburg, Virginia

The home of the famous Busch Gardens amusement park and Great Wolf Lodge, Williamsburg, Virginia, also offers many educational destinations within the city. Colonial Williamsburg is an excellent stop on your trip to Virginia. You’ll see the largest living history museum in the world, featuring more than 40 different historical sites to visit, offering two museums and buildings dating back to the 17th century.

New York City, New York

You’ll find delicious pizza, talented broadway shows, and a lot of history when visiting the city that never sleeps. Walking the footsteps of immigrants who came through Ellis Island, the 9/11 memorial museum, Ground Zero to acknowledge those who lost their lives in 2001, the Statue of Liberty, and countless history and art museums. New York City is a destination that ensures an educational experience that your student will never forget!

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Minutes from Cape Cod, and a short drive to Boston, your student can connect the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock to what they learned in the best schools in Greenville NC. Nearby is Plimoth Plantation, a history museum where you and your student can experience life in the 17th century. Plymouth allows your Walton Academy student to understand how Native Americans and the pilgrims lived.

Washington, D.C.

The home of the President of the United States and countless museums, Washington, D.C., is highly recommended by Greenville NC Charter Schools for your next vacation. Allow your student to better understand the country’s history and the United States Government by visiting the United States Capital. Many of the Smithsonian museums are free, and all hold a range of topics to learn more about. On top of the museums, you can tour U.S. Capital, the Washington Monument, and even the White House.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Similar to Washington, D.C., with its variety of history, Philadelphia holds many of the country’s first! Head to Independence Hall¬†and visit where the Founding Fathers of America deliberated and signed the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Along with Independence Hall, visit the cracked Liberty Bell and the National Constitution Center.

Walton Academy | Greenville NC Charter Schools

Spring break can be not only fun but educational. When planning your spring break for 2023, please pay attention to the museums and historical monuments spread throughout our country. Then, let your students return to Walton Academy, one of the best schools in Greenville NC, with fun facts to share with their class!

Walton Academy | Greenville NC Charter Schools