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While November is home to Thanksgiving, there’s a lesser-known holiday this month: Native American Heritage Month! First designated in 1990, Native American Heritage Month is a time to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and cultures of the native peoples of America. At Walton Academy, Greenville private schools, we strive to create an environment that celebrates children of all cultures, but learning is not limited to the classroom. Below are some fun activities you can do with your Walton Academy Greenville student to help them learn more about this integral part of American history!

  1. Learn About Different Tribes
    There are over 500 tribes in the United States, each with a unique culture and history. Start by learning about the tribes that are local to you, and then branch out from there. Some notable tribes nearby include the Tuscarora, the Cherokee, and the Lumbee. You and your academy Greenville student can find books at your local library or look online for resources.
  2. Make a Native American-Inspired Craft
    There are some great crafts you can do with your private schools Greenville NC child to help them learn about and appreciate Native American culture. While dreamcatchers are colorful and common symbols of native culture, there are many other crafts to explore with your Academy Greenville student! Native culture is known for beautiful beadwork, woodworking, and durable pottery. Try taking a class at your local art center and making native-inspired creations.
  3. Listen to Native American Music Music is a great way to learn about any culture. Each tribe has its own style, with some utilizing vocals more than instruments and vice-versa. While learning about traditional Native American music is a good starting place, remember native artists exist today! Talk to your child’s music teacher at Walton Academy Greenville, or do a search online to find some recommended artists.
  4. Sample Traditional Native American Cuisine Food is another fun way to learn about different cultures, and many traditional Native American dishes are absolutely delicious! If you are feeling adventurous, try making frybread or pemmican. Or, for something a little less involved, try searching for the closest native restaurant to private schools Greenville NC.
  5. Attend a Local Powwow or Gathering Powwows are social events that bring together members of the Native American community to dance, sing, drum, and feast together. Pow Wows are usually open to the public, so this is an excellent opportunity to introduce a child in Greenville private schools to some of the traditions and customs of the Native American people.

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It can be easy to forget that we live on native lands! These fun and educational activities are the perfect way to spend a fall afternoon with your child while paying your respects to the people who were here first. Are you thinking about enrolling your child in Greenville private schools? Walton Academy should be your first choice! With our STEAM curriculum, beautiful new building, and caring and experienced teachers, it is clear why we are one of the best schools in Greenville NC. To learn more about Walton Academy, our curriculum, and our vision, follow the link to visit our academy Greenville website today.