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Our Vision

Our vision is to capture the early learning continuum in our children by creating a nurturing, safe, and innovative learning environment. Children’s World Learning Center was inspired by educational research to create WALTON ACADEMY– a kindergarten through fifth grade private school. Walton Academy offers an accelerated academic program, state-of-the-art facilities, and teachers who are committed to excellence in education. Walton Academy’s matchless program provides every child with the skills and tools they will need to succeed throughout life.

Why Walton Academy?

-Exceptional teachers with a passion for education
-Low student-to-teacher ratio which allows one-one-one instruction
-Technology is used to enhance instruction and student learning experience
-State-of-the-art facilities
-Regular observations and developmental assessments to evaluate and plan for student’s progress
-Transportation provided to and from each of our Children’s World facilities
-Accelerated academic program


Walton Academy began out of the desire to bridge the gap between early childhood and elementary education. We recognized the need for a consistent, nurturing, and innovative environment that would move children from birth through fifth grade ensuring a seamless and high-quality educational experience.

Defining Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is defined as the formal and informal education of children from birth through age eight. Early childhood is an essential period in a child’s life. During these formative years, children build their foundations of well-being, self-confidence, academics, physical health, and overall happiness. Research shows that during these years children have the ability to learn more quickly than at any other time in their life. If a child is successful in school by third grade, research indicates that the same child will most likely be successful throughout all of their academic careers. However, the reverse is also true. If a student is struggling academically by third grade, it is likely that the child will continue to struggle throughout the remainder of their academic careers.

Walton Academy was created with every child in mind. Research shows that high-quality education is critical for children during these early years. Our accelerated academic program, state of the art facilities, and qualified teachers who are committed to excellence empowers every child to attain new heights in their education.

Seamless Transitions

Our model is unparalleled in our community. Children’s World Learning Center currently operates four childcare centers in the Greenville/Pitt County area and is still growing. Children coming through our childcare centers are equipped with the skills needed to make a smooth transition into our kindergarten at Walton Academy. This progression is effortless for all involved because the students and families are already part of our community.

We understand that time with your family is valuable and sometimes can be limited. Therefore, Walton Academy offers transportation between all four CWLC locations to make it as convenient as possible. Parents may drop off and pick up their child at the most accessible CWLC facility.



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