Academic Overview

Walton Academy is not your average school. Small class sizes, highly qualified teachers with the freedom to teach, and a great support system are some things that set us apart! Here at Walton Academy, we meet students on their level and help them reach their full potential by encouraging them to problem-solve and think critically. Our use of guided reading, writing, and math groups allow our teachers to differentiate to give each child the individualized attention that they need in order to succeed and make academic growth!


Character Education

Walton Academy understands that we are helping to form future citizens that will one day impact our society. We make it our priority to incorporate character education every day to instill honorable principles within our students. Walton Academy empowers students to communicate, cooperate, connect, and embrace diversity. Teachers encourage positive relationships and upstanding characteristics by lessons taught in class, as well as community outreach projects. In addition, Guidance lessons are taught weekly to build healthy social-emotional habits through the use of developmentally-appropriate stories and activities.


Encore Classes

We strive to cultivate a love of learning in all subject areas.  STEAM, Art, Music, Physical Education/Health Education, and Spanish are offered at Walton Academy. Our teachers have a passion for fostering new perspectives, encouraging collaboration among peers, and igniting creativity.


What is STEAM?

Science | Technology | Engineering | Arts | Math

STEAM is an integrated approach to learning that requires intentional connection between standards, assessments, and lesson design. STEAM learning provides students with the 21st century skills they need to be successful in school and later in life. STEAM helps to establish a lifelong love for learning by providing a positive relationship with learning at a young age making the transition to higher learning levels easier and exciting. Children will build their confidence, self-esteem, develop critical thinking skills, nurture creativity, improve communication skills, and  sensory development while participating in hands-on activities.



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