Today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow. Every kid has the potential to be a leader in some area of their life. All leaders come from a variety of backgrounds and have a large range of personalities. Many successful leaders have learned their leadership skills from the positive influence of a mentor, such as parents, coaches, and their teachers from Walton Academy, private schools in Pitt County NC. As a parent, you have opportunities every day to be a role model to your children and instill leadership traits in them. Here are 6 easy ways to develop leadership skills in your kids for a brighter and purposeful future.

  1. Volunteer together. Spending free time by serving the community together will build your relationship with your children, expand their perspective on the world, and benefit many lives in the process. Your kids will experience first hand how different life can be for others, and learn to be humble, thankful, and gracious. Tell them about the significant impact they can make in the world by volunteering to help those in need. A child who can learn the foundation of hard work, humility, respect, and integrity will be ready for a lifetime of successful leadership, partnerships, and relationships.private schools in Pitt County NC | Walton Academy
  2. Help them learn to be a great communicator. Communication is the foundation of any relationship. Teach your children to say what they mean and mean what they say. Let them see you praise generously and disagree respectfully. Support their efforts to communicate with others, and help out when needed. Being an effective leader requires the ability to build relationships, inspire others, and communicate effectively, and this will only happen if you allow your child to learn how to find their voice.
  3. Encourage them to make their own decisions. Remembering that your child is a unique individual and not only allowing but also supporting them as they pursue their passions will help them develop into leaders. Through other students at Walton Academy, private schools in Pitt County NC, your child may find a hobby or talent that you would have never expected, and allowing them to be in charge of their own decisions (to an extent of course) will develop their thinking skills and build confidence in themselves. An example of this is to ask them what they want to do first in their bedtime routine, what kind of vegetables they would like in their lunchbox, or what color pencil they want to write with that day.
  4. Nurture entrepreneurship, financial interest, and hard work. Help your kids make posters for their lemonade stand or flyers for their lawn mowing business. Assist them with formulating a sales pitch and let them practice saying it to you. Set up goals and small projects they can be successful at such as a chores list, rather than simply handing them an allowance. They’ll gain valuable self-esteem and confidence by mastering new skills as they get the job done.
  5. Teach teamwork. Teamwork helps kids learn to cooperate with others, support their teammates, aim toward a common goal, control their emotions, communicate effectively, and hold their share of weight when they have others relying on them. A good leader is one who leads their team, but a great leader is one who works alongside their team. Teamwork can be taught in the household, by having them help with laundry, cooking dinner, or cleaning up the house. At Walton Academy, private schools in Pitt County NC, we encourage teamwork in a variety of ways in the classroom, on the playground, and in the halls.
  6. Model leadership. Encourage perseverance, give the opportunity to learn negotiation skills for a win-win solution, show them how to build others up with your words and actions. Keep your word, be honest, and give them experiences that teach diversity and inclusion. Be there for others and teach your kids to do the same. And as difficult as it can be, do your best to take the high road when you are wronged by others. Show them the value of multiple perspectives and the importance of equality. Point out to your kids the importance of admitting their mistakes. Keep your own mind and heart open and the odds are good that your children will follow suit.

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As parents, teachers, and coaches, we are responsible for showing our children and students how to be respectful, responsible, and righteous people. While it may be easy to speak about showing leadership qualities, it is extremely important to physically present and encapsulate the skills listed above. Walton Academy, private schools in Pitt County NC understands that we are helping to form future citizens that will one day impact our society.  We make it our priority to incorporate character education every day to instill honorable principles within our students. To read more about character education at Walton Academy, visit our website, or contact us today!