A great teacher can not only have an impact on your child’s education but their overall self. Walton Academy strives itself on employing the greatest teachers we can find. Your child will receive a great education that will give them an advantage as they age and lasting relationships with friends and teachers.

Creative Learning Environment

At Walton Academy, learning can be fun. Our teachers transform their classrooms to be bright and decorative to improve the children’s learning environment. Lesson plans are constructed to keep the children engaged and excited about learning something new. A student learns best when they are interested but challenged. Our teachers make sure your child is learning something new every day, without even noticing. Students at Walton Academy are put on the right track to reach their full potential. Teacher’s guide them with the right knowledge as they learn problem-solving skills, and to think critically. Not only will our students gain an education, but they will be prepared for the real world.


Our teachers want to push students to be the best they can be. Students are taught to reach for their goals and work hard to get there. Walton Academy teachers want the best for their students. They provide a great learning environment that engages students in their studies. Students learn to work with groups, to learn from other students, as well as individualized instruction from their teachers. All types of learning in the right environment can push students to be at their best. A great learning environment facilitates a type of learning that can have a lasting impact on students. Their peers, teachers, and environment all have an impact on the way your child will learn.


A good student-teacher relationship is an important component in the student’s learning process. Building a relationship with a teacher creates a trustworthy environment where the student can feel safe talking to their teacher about anything. Our teachers provide individualized attention to every student. Our teachers are always paying attention to students and their specific needs. At a young age, students look up to their teachers as mentors. Walton Academy’s teachers are bright, fun and insightful. They show our students how valuable an education is, which pushing our students to further their education as they grow older.

Our teachers have a passion for fostering new perspectives, encouraging collaboration among peers, and igniting creativity. If Walton Academy seems like the right fit for your child, visit our website to learn more, or come in and talk to admissions today!