Children work hard during the school year to learn new concepts and ideas. During extended breaks, children may forget what they have learned throughout the school year. During summer break, continue fostering education and growth so your student feels prepared to return to  Walton Academy Greenville NC.Little girl reading a Dr. Suess book at the kitchen table in her home over summer vacation.

Create a Routine

Throughout the school year, students develop a consistent routine for months. A daily routine throughout the summer will help children feel comfortable, understand what comes next, and remember how to do a task. It is essential to incorporate learning time as a part of this routine. Learning does not always have to be math or science. During the summer, a child can learn vital skills such as reading, cooking, and more. Allowing your child to assist in household tasks or teaching them how to do something new engages their brain and causes repetition, which helps children learn. Similar experiences to what children have in academy Greenville NC will encourage children to remember what they did in school.

Encourage Reading

Learning to read is a core part of elementary education in Greenville NC schools. If a child does not use these skills as much over the summer, they may decline, causing a rough start to the following school year. Taking time to read to your child, having them read to you, and having them pick books can foster creativity and a love for reading. To engage your child, allow them to choose the books. Allowing your child to make the decision enables you to get a closer look at their interests. You can read aloud together or bring the story to life by acting it out.

Explore the Outdoors

Playing outside will increase engagement in learning. Outdoor playtime allows children to become creative with what they have and encourages them to take safe risks. Children can learn what works and what fails, and what is safe versus what is not under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Outdoor play also promotes curiosity and creativity and fosters critical thinking skills, improving education outcomes in school. Creating fun outdoor activities such as scavenger hunts and obstacle courses allows children to put their skills to use and challenge themselves to solve a problem.

Enroll in Summer Programs

Summer programs are great for busy or working families over the summer. A summer program helps children learn social skills while continuing their education. The Walton Academy and other Greenville NC schools offer summer camps and programs to continue development over the long break. A private school Greenville NC offers beneficial opportunities over the summer for education continuity.

Keep Your Children Learning this Summer with Private Academy Greenville NC

Children’s development is an ongoing process that doesn’t stop when school gets out. Keeping kids on routine, engaging in outdoor play, and socializing in summer camps at academy Greenville NC assist a child in developing skills throughout the summer break. Do you want to learn more about available summer education experiences? Contact the Walton Academy today.