Finding a private kindergarten in the Greenville, NC area can be stressful because there are not that many options for private kindergarten nowadays. Have you heard about the new school in town? Walton Academy is a K-5 private school located centrally in Greenville, North Carolina. Walton Academy’s main focus is to embrace each child’s potential, empower students at a young age to become successful, independent individuals and offer a hands-on learning environment for children to explore the world through technology. Here are a few benefits of your child learning in a private kindergarten at Walton Academy.


Walton focuses on the specific values, including honesty, friendship, respect, and integrity. These values are performed through lessons and craft units to help each child develop character while exploring these values. Learning these values at Walton Academy can also help with moral, civic, and behavioral development.  

Small Classes

Being a private kindergarten, there is most likely going to be a smaller learning environment. A smaller group of kindergarteners calls for more one on one time with the teacher. This is a great thing! At Walton Academy, each student will have more time with the teacher to help fill in the gaps in their learning style.

More Challenges

 Walton Academy provides a variety of teaching styles for students. The best thing about this private program is that students with more advanced abilities can be challenged with additional resources creating substantial developmental growth.

Choosing what kind of kindergarten to send your child to is a huge decision.  If you’re considering a private kindergarten, check out Walton Academy. Our STEAM curriculum focuses on teaching students Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.  Contact us here for more information, or come by for a tour! Check out our website here to learn more about us!