Your child’s early education should be about more than organized play. This is a critical time for development in a child’s early education journey. Play most definitely has its place in school, but children build their foundation for learning during this period and their brains develop nearly to their fullest. Below is a list of 4 benefits of your child spending the early years of their education in a private school.

Individual Support

Class size should be one thing that is never a given, public or private, make sure you ask your school about the average class size. Private school classes are usually smaller than the average public school classroom. This will provide your child with more one-on-one attention and support.


Specialized Teachers

Private schools are more likely than public schools to employ specialized teachers. More than often, they can hire teachers that can specifically cater equally to gifted children or learning difficulties. It is valuable during these early years to have teachers with the ability to cater to your child’s individual needs.


Curriculum Flexibility

Private schools usually have a little more flexibility with subject choices than public schools. When it comes to things like religion, educational focus, or your child’s particular needs, private schools can provide you with better options. Private schools also more than often offer a larger choice of co-curricular activities that you may not be able to get the opportunity for at a public school.


Focus on Values

When choosing the perfect school for your child, you should focus on more than it being the right academic fit. When researching schools, be sure to pay attention to the school’s values and culture to see how it aligns with you and your child. Sometimes a private school’s religious affiliation can mean a stronger focus on core values and spirituality, although this isn’t always the case.

When looking into what school to send your child to, know what it is that you want from that school and understand what situation your child thrives best in. Be sure to sit down and speak with the school so that you fully understand what that school can offer your child.