As your child enters elementary school, they will be diving deeper into the curriculum and learning more and more each day. It is important to keep up with your child’s skills both at school and at home. We would like to offer you some tips to help build your child’s skills as they enter and excel through elementary school.

Encourage Reading

Reading is a skill that is used all throughout our lives. In order to encourage your child to read, and to love what they are reading, make the activity fun! Read a story aloud to your child, using different voices for each character and teach them how to do the same! To promote understanding, read a short story to your child and have them draw a picture of his/her favorite part of the story.

Becoming a Writer

As your child enters first grade, they will begin to learn how to become a writer. To boost these writing skills at home, have your child write stories based off of fun things they do! Encourage your child to use their imagination to come up with their own stories as well. When the story is finished, have your family gather around for story time to show your support.


As your child builds addition and subtraction skills, keep up these skills at home by incorporating math into your daily lives. Ask your child to count the picture frames in your living room, or take them grocery shopping with you and have them count the different fruits and vegetables in your cart! Incorporate math into dinner time by having your child help you set the table, counting the number of plates and utensils.