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Every year, thousands of parents become disillusioned with public schools. Whether they’re tired of dealing with bullying, unkempt facilities, or they just feel like their child’s needs aren’t being met, many parents are exploring the option of Greenville NC private school. Unfortunately, private schools are often plagued by a particular set of myths. At Walton Academy, we’re passionate about education, which is why we want to clear the air around private school education. From affordability to test scores, today we’re debunking 5 myths about private schools in Greenville NC.

  1. They’re Ludicrously Expensive– Not all private schools cost thousands of dollars. Many private schools are quite affordable, with some even accepting scholarships! You can find scholarships for private schools by searching online, or asking your school if they participate in any need-based programs. One scholarship to look into is the Opportunity Scholarship from the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority. While exact tuition varies, you can get a ballpark idea by looking up the average cost of schools in your area or just directly contacting your school.
  2. There’s No Diversity– While it is true that private schools are often racially homogenous due to socio-economic factors, private schools are working to change this. The National Association of Independent Schools, a nonprofit organization that offers leadership guidance to private schools in the US, is dedicated to improving diversity through its equity and justice principles. Like Walton Academy, many private schools also formally teach students about diversity through readings, music, and exercises in empathy and understanding.
  3. They’re All Religious– Private schools were first introduced to America by Catholic missionaries in Florida and Louisiana, which is why they’re often associated with religion. Although it’s common to find religious private schools, not every school is! According to a recent study, nearly 33% of private schools are secular. While we teach our students to be respectful of all religions and cultures, we are one of a few secular private schools Greenville NC.
  4. They Have High Levels of Student Burnout– Private schools can sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to workloads. This comes back to the fact that private schools don’t have a standard, uniform, curriculum like public schools. This means that some schools may have heavier workloads or have higher academic standards than others, especially if the school has an entry exam. However, the smaller class sizes most private schools Greenville NC provide means that it’s unlikely your child’s stress will go unnoticed. With more funding for arts specialty academic courses like Robotics, your child may even be more excited to dive deeper into their schooling.
  5. They Rank Low in Education– While it’s a popular belief that sending your child to private school means sending your child to the bottom of the list in terms of academic performance, this isn’t the case. This myth came about due to the fact that private schools don’t have the financial and curriculum limitations that all public schools must follow. This causes many parents to be concerned that their children will not learn the same subjects at the same speed as children in public schools. Ironically, the opposite has been proven to be true! While private schools often allow for more arts and technology programs, they are still held to the same standard as public schools when it comes to core subjects.

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Whether you were worried about the price of quality private school education or concerned about diversity, we hope we’ve answered questions you may have about the private school experience. Walton Academy, one of the top private schools Greenville NC , is dedicated to making sure no child is left behind. That’s why we pride ourselves on our well-rounded curriculum and experienced teaching methods to make sure your child is set up for success. Have a question we haven’t answered? We’re happy to help you learn more about our school. Contact our Greenville NC private school to speak to one of our staff members today!