Summer is almost here! Kids are antsy to have their days free to play, discover, and have tons of fun in the sun. Keeping your children educated over the summer will prove to be beneficial; you will extend their knowledge at home and they will be better prepared for the school year ahead. When education is disguised by fun activities, children will be eager to use their brains. Here are some activities to do with your child over the summer:

Create a Calendar

To kick off the summer, start by creating a fun calendar with your kids! Use a coloring page as the photo for the month, and either print or create your own calendar with rulers and pencils. Plan out fun activities, family trips, etc. This will help to teach your child the advantages of planning, scheduling, and organizing. It will also give them something to look forward to all throughout the summer!

Catch Fireflies

Fireflies will begin to emerge in early summer. If your child catches one of these unique insects, go online to discover more about them, such as how they have the ability to glow. There are tons of children’s books about fireflies as well; stock up your library with books your child can read this summer!

Easy Experiments

Turn plain white carnations into a colorful creation with just food coloring and water! The flowers will become tinted over time, usually in just one day, and the kids will enjoy discovering new color combinations while creating something beautiful!


Scrapbooking will bring out your child’s creative abilities while working on their fine motor skills. Collect postcards, movie tickets, newspaper clippings, etc. to document memories with a craft that will be kept for years.

Host Game Nights

Whether it be a game night with the family or with some neighborhood friends, board games give kids a chance to learn logic, teamwork, and thinking skills! It will also help them learn how to handle competition and be a good sport.

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These easy, fun activities are a surefire way to get your kids eager to learn and further develop their skills. Have a great summer!