Summer is approaching, which means the elementary schools Greenville NC school year is coming to a halt. With this in mind, consider the benefits surrounding developing a summer routine. When your child is at Walton Academy, they have structure and a schedule to stick to. So keeping this up can benefit children’s cognitive and emotional development. If you are wondering where to start about a summer routine, let our professionals at Greenville NC schools help!

Benefits of a Summer Routine

As mentioned earlier, maintaining a routine can help your student avoid stress, anxiety, and frustration since they are accustomed to the structure and schedule of private schools in Greenville NC. However, during summer, children reportedly experience a decline in cognitive ability as their minds are not constantly engaged in learning, unlike during the school year. Hence, keeping your children active, making learning enjoyable, and encouraging them to continue their education can help them adhere to a routine and keep their minds busy.

5 Tips for Creating a Summer Routine

  1. Focus on a routine, not a schedule: Let them go at their own pace and pick activities they want to do.
  2. Make the morning fun: Let your child wake up and have something to look forward to right in the morning. If that’s waking up and eating some yummy waffles or helping you in the kitchen to help make breakfast.
  3. Let them have a say: Letting your student have a say in what they do and contribute to their routine can build responsibility and enhance emotional development.
  4. Set summer goals: Read two books, learn how to bake a cake, and start a garden. These are all goals your child can participate in that will encourage them to stick to a routine and constantly learn.
  5. Include outdoor summer activities: At the end of the day, your child is on a break from their traditional routine at private schools in Greenville NC so let them have fun. Take them to the beach or pool, or play with your garden hose! Let them enjoy the sun and encourage free time for fun activities.

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Summer is approaching, and having a routine planned out and ready to go will help your child stay on track while not in elementary schools Greenville NC! During the school year, your children are used to structure and consistency when attending Greenville NC schools. So, keeping up with a routine will help your child develop social and emotional skills. For more tips, visit our website or contact a professional at Walton Academy for help!


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