In addition to the core subjects, introducing students to other areas of study such as art, music, physical education, and foreign language, is essential for kids to develop correctly. Adding encore subjects into the curriculum will foster new perspectives, encourage collaboration between others and ignite creativity.

Foreign language is an essential part of the curriculum as there are numerous benefits to exposing your kid as early as possible. Studies have shown that it grows developing brains differently, as those who learn a foreign language are better at multitasking and have better attention focusing. Studies of foreign language are linked to better test scores in core subjects, as well as career opportunities and salaries in the future. As for cultural benefits, your child will be able to speak to more people, increase creative thinking, and boost cross-cultural knowledge. As there are infinite benefits of being able to speak and understand other languages, your child will also enjoy learning it with their peers.

The Walton Academy focuses on creating a safe, nurturing and innovative learning environment. We want your child to excel and explore during their time as a student. For more information on starting enrollment or after school programs, call today at 252-375-8737 or come by for a tour.