private schools in Pitt County NC | Walton Academy2020 has been a year of stressful events for everyone, including your children. While they may not have experienced a layoff or don’t understand that necessities are becoming slim due to the grocery stores being out of stock, your child is probably going through a difficult time as well. They got removed from their friends at their private schools in Pitt County NC and in sports, playdates and birthday parties were canceled, and they simply don’t understand isolation as well as adults do. In these stressful days, adults lay restless at night, tossing and turning with stress racking their brain, but children can do the same. The administrators and staff at Walton Academy are here to explain how you as the parent can help your children overcome the obstacle of sleep deprivation due to stress.

A good, individualized bedtime routine for each of the children in your house takes time to establish. Once you have figured out what works best for each child, make sure you stick to it. Consistency is key, even on the weekends, and when away on vacation. Sticking as close to your bedtime routine as possible will help your child to set their internal body clock and eventually reduce stress.

Walton Academy K-5 Private Schools in Pitt County NC

Walton Academy K-5 private schools in Pitt County NC firmly believes that an environment with minimal distractions is key to student success. To achieve an optimal learning environment and experience, we require each child to undergo our enrollment screening process where students are observed and assessed academically, behaviorally, and socially. Our enrollment screening ensures that our classroom environment remains focused and that each student can excel and reach their full potential. Contact us today to learn more!