Summer is here! This means if your children go to a private school Greenville NC, it calls for a long summer break! As a parent, you are probably wondering if there are any summer activities that ensure your kids don’t spend their summer holidays glued to their screens. Is there a way to manage childcare while juggling work? If these are some questions plaguing your mind, you are not alone. Fortunately for you, we have just the solution you may need. Enter: SUMMER CAMPS!Private School Greenville NC | Walton Academy

Summer camps offer an opportunity for your kids to grow, make new friends, learn lifelong social skills, and become more self-confident. Let’s look at how they can benefit your kids.


Learning how to work in a team is a helpful skill that will come in handy all your life. Summer camps offer activities that require your children to work with others to get things done. It helps to develop their leadership skills and emotional intelligence too.


The structured schedule in school may sometimes make it harder for children to build friendships as they are focusing on their classes and homework. However, in a summer camp, there are innumerable occasions to create an unbreakable bond. This boosts their self-confidence and ability to handle social situations when they return to their private school Greenville NC.


Do you think your kids are independent enough? You can find out by allowing them to spend some time away from you in the safe environment of a summer camp. Without your presence, who is going to help them with their decisions or manage their time? They become their best independent self at camps.

Personal Growth

When you take your kids outside of a traditional classroom environment, it accelerates their personal growth. Summer camps allow them to overcome challenges, be entertained, learn problem-solving, self-awareness, and more. Camps focusing on themes such as sports camps, science camps, art camps and more, can do wonders educating your kids while helping them grow.

If you are looking to enroll your kid in a private school Greenville NC after the summer comes to an end, get in touch with us! We are one of the finest private schools Greenville NC has to offer that makes learning fun for your kids.