Although a traditional classroom environment is where your children build their foundation, those who can self-learn possess even greater merit. Self-learning bestows children with a mechanism to grasp knowledge on their own. It allows them to pace themselves and take responsibility for their learning and progress. Walton Academy, the best private school Greenville NC, can help your kids become self-learners from a very early age.Private School Greenville NC | Walton Academy

Here’s how you too can help your child become a self-directed learner to achieve excellence.

Create Opportunities for Exploration

At Walton Academy, private school Greenville NC, we encourage children to find their areas of interest by allowing them to explore. Something simple like leaving colored pencils and papers in a room for children can bring the next Picasso to light when the inspiration strikes. So how can you create opportunities for exploration among your children?

Promote Self-Motivation

While putting pressure on your child to do well can be effective temporarily, it may not bode well in the long run. As your child grows, encourage them to become self-motivated by praising what they do and the results. Be very careful to not use destructive phrases that can impact your child negatively.

Give Kids Control

Allow your child to take the wheel, when appropriate. When they feel the freedom to make their own choices without the fear of being reprimanded or judged, it helps them learn better.

Make Learning Fun

A great idea is to connect learning with fun. For example, if your child is working on drawing different types of trees for school, you could tell them 5 interesting facts about trees. If they like sculpting with clay, you could join them and sculpt their favorite animals with them.

Be Patient

Lastly, remember that your children are children, and they are bound to falter. You must practice patience, as constant critiquing of every move may lead to increased frustration. Guide them to complete the task no matter how long it takes or how hard they may struggle with it.

Walton Academy | Private School Greenville NC

Walton Academy, the best private school Greenville NC, helps children gain independence and the drive to tap into their innate curiosity and become self-directed learners. Allow us to inspire a life-long love of learning in your children! Contact us today to learn more.