Starting preschool is a very big step for your little one and you can play a huge role in preparing them for this new step in life. As excited as you probably are about all the fun your child will have and new friends they’ll make, I’m sure you’re also sad that your baby isn’t quite a baby anymore. Don’t worry, all of these emotions are normal! Your child is also bound to have tons of their own emotions about the transition. As they are feeling proud about being a big kid now, they are also worried about this new step. Below are a few tips to help ensure that the transitions go as smoothly as possible for you and your little one.


Getting A Set Schedule

Having a routine to follow makes decision making and acting responsibly easier, just as having a daily schedule can help make the transition to the preschool setting easier. Rebecca Palacios, Ph.D., senior curriculum advisor for, explains that “children learn best when routines and daily schedules are established. Routines provide opportunities to learn about order, sequencing, and concepts of time. Established routines make for smoother transitions and help children to prepare mentally for the day ahead while providing frameworks in which creative learning can occur.”


Morning & Bedtime Routines

An early-morning routine could include helping your kid make their bed, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth and hair & the rest of their personal duties. Children usually love any type of “Good Morning” Chart, maybe with their morning tasks listed in order with pictures next to them. Most children associate bedtime with sleeping in a dark room alone which can be scary. A more light routine for nights could be changing into pajamas, reading a book, brushing teeth, etc. These tasks add closure to your kids day and gives them something to look forward to about bedtime.


Make Time for Reading

Reading to or with your child every day can enhance their love for reading and their vocabulary. “When we give children the gift of books and language, we are providing them with imaginative experiences that are important in building creative thinkers and innovators. Always have reading material on hand in the car, in the kitchen, in your child’s bedroom, and even outside. Whether books are checked out of the library or bought at the market or a bookstore, good children’s literature provides the rich language needed for your child to be successful in school,” Dr. Palacios says.

With these simple tips, you can prepare your child for pre-school and help make the transition easier. Walton Academy and Children’s World Learning Center are premier child care facilities in Greenville, NC. Contact us today to enroll your child today!