January is quickly coming to an end, but not without recognizing one of our favorite days to celebrate- International Day of Education! January 24, 2021, is the third year of IDOE, and Walton Academy private school Greenville NC wants to take our time to explain a little about the day, what impact education has on our children, and how you can help us celebrate even from the safety of your own home!

What is International Day of Education?

International Day of Education is a day committed to educating students and informing the community about the importance of education for our children, what education looks like in different countries around the world, and advocating for better access and opportunities for education. As educators at Walton Academy private school Greenville NC, we understand that education is essential for many reasons. Education provides knowledge. It helps students gain confidence, better themselves, and understand the world around them. Additionally, education paves the way for employment and success in the future. Unfortunately, however, over 72 million children around the world do not have access to education, and many more millions of students don’t have the opportunity and stability to complete a successful education.

How to Celebrate International Day of Education

In 2021, International Day of Education is specifically recognizing the devastating effects that COVID-19 had on the quality of education. In low to middle-income countries that have fragile education systems, the impact is particularly extreme. School closures are severely threatening learning opportunities for students at all levels, from primary to higher education. According to the Sustainable Development Goals Report of 2020, it is estimated that school closures kept an estimated 90 percent of worldwide students out of school, which directly reversed years of progress on education. While distance learning options are provided in four out of five countries with school closures, remote learning remains out of reach for more than 500 million students worldwide. Here in the United States, the pandemic has revealed the inequality that exists between students who have access to computers and the internet at home, and those who don’t. This is also depriving students of social contact with their peers, extracurriculars, and structured routine that is necessary for stability. Walton Academy private school Greenville NC encourages families of students to partake in the celebration and honor of this day by:

However you choose to celebrate International Day of Education, use this day to help students understand the value of quality education and emphasize the roles they can play to advocate for education as a human right for students both near and far. Education is Walton Academy’s number one priority and we truly believe that together we can make an impact on learning for everyone.

Walton Academy, Premiere Private School Greenville NC

There are certainly mental, physical, and developmental benefits to being involved in your child’s learning progress. Walton Academy private school Greenville NC encourages you to practice the tips mentioned above to help balance, manage, and extend your child’s love for learning!