The holiday break is a great time for everyone to have fun and spend time with their families. It is important for kids to have that break from school and get some time to relax. There are some great ways to incorporate learning in fun ways, without kids even realizing. Take a well-deserved break over the holiday, but don’t let the learning stop.


Visit a Museum

Museums are full of great information that is delivered to kids in a fun and interactive way. Kids get hands-on experiences, and they are in charge of their learning. They find what interests them, and get to explore that. Museums foster learning in an easier way, and kids don’t have the pressure of assignments or tests. Museums are all about fun, and kids don’t even realize they are learning.

Not only do museums give kids an interactive way to learn, but there are also some key benefits from visiting museums. It was found that kids who visit museums develop stronger critical thinking skills and higher levels of social tolerance. They also develop greater historical empathy and a developed taste for art and cultural museums. Besides the learning aspect of visiting a museum, it is a great opportunity for family bonding.


Take Them To The Supermarket

This may sound like a strange form of learning, but studies have shown a one-third increase in conversations between the child and their parent when visiting a supermarket. Parent and child conversation has a big impact on a child’s informational learning. Signs around the supermarket such as, “Where does milk come from” create curiosity and encourage kids to want to learn more. The world we live in is full of information, and curiosity is the way to keep kids asking questions and learning which expands their mind.


Boredom Creates Exploration

Children today are always presented with entertainment. There is always a tablet or television they can turn to. This holiday break, allow them to be bored. When they get bored of the tablets and television, their minds will start to wonder. A child’s self-reflection and time to think to themselves can foster time for reflection, daydreaming, and finding new ways to keep themselves entertained. Finding new entertainment is a great way to exercise their creativity.

When the boredom begins to overwhelm them, encourage them to read. Reading is a great way to keep them learning, whether they read to themselves or a parent reads to them. Reading is a great way to keep their minds working over the holiday break and it keeps their language skills developing. Some hidden benefits of reading that not everyone is aware of is that it can reduce stress and anxiety, and promote good sleeping habits.

The learning doesn’t need to stop, and Walton Academy encourages all their students to never stop learning. Try out some of these tips this holiday and see how your children grow.