Success in school starts at home, but so can failure. Studies have shown that poor academic performance is linked to factors like poor nutrition, lack of sleep, obesity, and lack of parental support. Conversely, the same studies have shown higher test scores for students whose homes foster healthy habits, regular routines, and good communication habits. Follow these tips to help keep your child motivated this school year:

Healthy Habits

Make sure to follow healthy habits at home to keep your children feeling good so they can perform well at school. They should have a bedtime that allows for plenty of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast every morning. Time spent using screens should be limited and exercise encouraged.


Most children will respond well to routines, especially when it helps organize their day. Create a routine for the morning, such as having your child get dressed and eat breakfast while you pack their lunch. When they get home, let them have a snack before starting homework. If the routine remains consistent, your child will know what to expect each day of the week.

Study Space

Provide a designated space for homework and studying to occur. There should be plenty of light, room to work, and supplies at hand. Whether it be a desk or at the kitchen table, a designated study space makes learning easier.

Never Stop Learning

While it may be easy to let the teachers do all the teaching, it is important for children to keep learning at home. Support your child’s learning by looking for ways to teach your child throughout the day. For example, have your child join you in cooking dinner and use it as an opportunity to read and follow directions and discuss math.


One of the most important ways to support your child in school is to set expectations for success. This does not mean demanding that they be the best at everything and never fail, but that you expect them to do their best.

Following these tips will help your child have a great chance at being the best student they can be.

Walton Academy

Walton Academy is always striving to provide a consistent, nurturing and innovative environment for our students. We understand that early childhood education plays a large role in your child’s development, so we ensure they receive a high-quality education. With small classrooms and highly qualified teachers, you can be sure your child will receive individualized instruction, character education, and social-emotional habits.

Walton Academy firmly believes that an environment with minimal distractions is key to student success. To achieve an optimal learning environment and experience, we require each child to undergo our enrollment screening process. During our enrollment screening process, students are observed and assessed academically, behaviorally, and socially. Our enrollment screening ensures that our classroom environment remains focused and that each student can excel and reach their full potential. Contact us today to learn more!