children playing in child care in after-school care club

Let’s take a step back, here. Before we tell you where to look, let’s help you narrow down what you are looking for! Afterschool care is commonly overlooked and left off the list as parents begin gathering supplies in preparation for the coming school year or semester.

After School care is an excellent plan to keep your child safe, introduce them to positive role models, and inspire them to learn. This, of course, is a much better choice than sitting at home for hours after school. Why not provide them with an environment that delivers academic enrichment, and various interactive activities. These activities include science experiments, theatre, reading, foreign languages, and many more STEM-based afterschool activities. 


Things to Look For in After School Care


Healthy and Successful After School Care

Programs fulfilling the HEPA (Healthy Eating and Physical Activity) standards provide students with nutritious foods while keeping them physically fit and promoting health. The programs promote lifelong health and support a healthy childhood weight by mainly serving fruits and veggies on a day-to-day basis. In addition to the healthy snacks, you often see organizations following these standards include a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity led by staff members. Staff members are also often certified first aid/CPR holders.


The Cost of After School Care

While many after-school care programs fall underneath the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) and are eligible for subsidies to reimburse their after school care costs, many families do not qualify for this help.

Most afterschool care providers charge by the week, session, or hours. These prices can vary widely depending on the area, size or organization, and sometimes even the age of the child enrolling. Walton Academy is the premier provider of afterschool care in Greenville NC, offering competitive pricing, excellent learning opportunities and unparalleled experience in the afterschool care and daycare communities. Contact us today to enroll your child at Walton Academy!