private school Greenville NC | Walton AcademyNow that private school in Greenville NC are back in session, the hustle and bustle of fall sports and extracurricular after-school activities are ramping up to full speed. Whether it is dance practice, soccer or football practice, or piano lessons, parents are probably starting to feel the pressure of making sure everyone is where they need to be, on time, with all of their equipment and clothes in tow. But at what point does it all become too overwhelming?

Walton Academy private school in Greenville NC understands that parents have a hard time when it comes to choosing and limiting their kid’s extracurricular activities because after all, you want them to get the chance to explore all of the different sports and group settings that they show interest in. Keeping your kids involved with extracurricular activities encourages positive habits, helps develop skills and interests, and fosters time-management skills. However, the downside of overscheduling includes not only interruption to valuable, unstructured playtime and triggering stress, anxiety, and depression, but also it increases pressure on parents to successfully get it all done.

Here are 5 tips on how to better manage the chaos of after-school activities:

  1. Be Prepared- Create a schedule to hang on the fridge or in another high traffic area of your home so that everyone is on the same page. Be sure to pack backpacks, sports equipment, and uniforms or work out attire the night before so that you aren’t scrambling for things last minute as you are running out the door.
  2. Don’t Overschedule- Try to leave a few days open throughout your kids’ busy schedules for impromptu playdates, mother-daughter/son dates, and some extra time to chill and relax at home.
  3. Make A Plan For When Homework Gets Done- Create a plan according to your kid’s extracurricular activities that allows them an hour or two to focus solely on homework. This will give them motivation to complete their work to move on to the next thing on their agenda.
  4. Get Help When You Can- Planning to coordinate pick up times with your spouse and other family members can be stressful, but if help is offered, take it. Also, talk with other parents in your kid’s friend groups about carpooling to practices and events when possible.
  5. Make Your Time Together Fun- Though you may feel like a cab service sometimes, try to make your commute to and from extracurricular activities enjoyable. Take advantage of your time together – this is a great opportunity to connect one-on-one with your child by asking about their day, and to also further discuss their agendas for the days to come.

Walton Academy, Premiere Private School In Greenville NC

There are certainly mental, physical and developmental benefits to being involved in after-school activities like sports or the arts, but overscheduling kids can also do more harm than good. Walton Academy private school in Greenville NC encourages you to practice the tips mentioned above to help balance and manage your child’s extracurricular activities.