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It is almost the time of the year that students bring home report cards. If the grades listed on the report card are acceptable and above standards, there can be a feeling of relief from the parents and students. However, if your child isn’t achieving quality grades, it might be time to have the report card rapport. Deciding what to say to your child during the conversation about poor grades can be tricky, and Walton Academy understands this. As one of the best private schools in Pitt County NC, Walton Academy has prepared this list of tips for when talking to your student about report cards gets rough.

Address the Highest Grades First

Explaining how proud you are of your student and their hard work in the subjects they received good grades in will start the conversation on a high note. Remember, your child probably knows they received low scores and are preparing themselves to be scolded.

Ask Questions

Instead of assuming a child hasn’t been paying attention, is getting distracted, or jumping to other conclusions about why a grade could be unsatisfactory, ask your child why they think they received this grade. The tone of this question matters, so sounding concerned rather than angry or sharp can benefit the conversation immensely. Children will often explain why they feel as though they received the grade, and between you as the parent and your child’s teacher, you both can decide how to go about cohesively helping your student succeed.

Talk About Feelings

School can be stressful for students who experience a hard time learning new topics. Talking about how your child feels about school, their teachers, peers, and other educational administrators can give a parent insight into why their child might be receiving the grades they are without drilling the student or teachers. Asking how you can help your child in raising their grades in their private schools in Pitt County NC can make the student feel as though they aren’t alone in the process and you are on their side.

Rewards and Punishments for Grades Do Not Result in a Love for Learning

This is especially important for parents to understand. A child’s love for learning stems from interest and enjoyment. If you help your student understand that learning can be fun and is important for their future, the motivation that student has can go much farther than instilling fear or motivational gifts.

Separate the Child from the Grades

Parents know the child better than anyone else. Understand that if a student is receiving a bad grade or a negative teacher comment, they are probably aware they are performing poorly and don’t want you, as their parent, to be disappointed. Be sure that your child knows that while you are unhappy with the grades they received, you still love them and will be there to help them succeed in any way possible. Reassure them that a few bad grades don’t make them a failure, and that school can still be fun and enjoyable. By working as a team, the child will feel empowered and supported in the work they continue to do at Walton Academy, one of the best private schools in Pitt County NC.

Talking about why a student received a substandard grade in certain subjects can result in emotional and physical distress for your student. Making the conversation light and understanding while still being constructive is the best way to go about having the report card rapport with your elementary-aged child. For further questions or concerns about your child’s performance in class, contact their private schools in Pitt County teachers to grasp a better understanding of the situation.

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