Science is crucial to early childhood education because it has led us to invent new technologies and theories we have in today’s world. Without science, we would have electricity, meaning no internet, phones, tablets, social media. None of that would exist without science. Science is based on curiosity along with asking questions and creating hypotheses on how to answer those questions. This is why it is really important to introduce this subject to children during early childhood education. Here are 3 reasons why Science education is important.


1. Develops Life-Skills

Science helps children develop skills such as problem-solving, communication, and research. When going through a science project in class, it is important to keep in mind that results do not happen immediately. It takes patience as well as perseverance. These two skills are learned through science experiments and projects. Science also helps children think critically and go through steps for a project, improving their thought process.


2. Helps Literacy and Language Development

Experiments provide opportunities to practice writing skills and expand vocabulary at a young age. Scientific reporting requires attention to detail and describing what you are observing as the experiment is on-going. This helps children hone their writing skills which can help prepare them for their future writing intensive courses.


3. Helps Form Independent Opinions and Decision-Making Skills

In Science, information should be analyzed thoroughly. Children are taught to seek information from various sources and rely on evidence to determine truth. It helps them separate fact from fiction. This helps build a solid foundation to form independent opinions and make a decision. This skill will help them throughout their life and academic pursuits.


Your Child’s Future

In the next decade, an estimated 75% of jobs in the fastest growing industries will require science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills. As we shift into this new era, we need to set up our children for a bright future. Introducing them to these subjects at an early age will help them in their future pursuits.

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