Here at Walton Academy, not only do we ensure that your children are in the best hands during school, but we also offer an extended day option for both before- and after-school childcare. We are aware of how busy parents of young children can be, and we are committed to alleviating some of that stress from your shoulders. During this time, your child will be given the opportunities to complete homework, eat nutritious snacks, and participate in daily enrichment activities in order to enhance growth in all aspects.


Small Class Sizes

Since early childhood education is defined as the formal and informal education of children from birth through age eight, our private kindergarten here in Greenville, NC is the perfect way to get a head start on your child’s early education. These formative years are vital to a young child’s well-being, and children have the capability to learn more during these years than any other time in their lives. Admission into our private school will allow children to learn and grow, with small class sizes that will give them the one-on-one time they need.


Transportation Options

We also offer safe transportation between all four of our Children’s World locations to Walton Academy, minimizing your travel time and maximizing the time you spend with your family. If your children are starting out at Children’s World, they are equipped with the skills they need in order to smoothly transition to Walton Academy as well.


Advanced Curriculum

Our private kindergarten of Greenville, NC offers a curriculum of English Language Arts, Science, Music, Physical Education, STEAM, Math, Social Studies, Art, and Spanish. This broad curriculum combined with our small class sizes is guaranteed to set your child up for success. Walton Academy also focuses on values, emphasizing the important characteristics that are most likely taught at home, such as honesty, respect, and integrity. Teaching these values at a young age will shape your child into an upstanding individual who is ready to succeed. Contact us today to enroll your child at Walton Academy!