There is a big difference between a highly qualified teacher and a highly effective teacher. At Walton Academy, a private school located in Greenville, North Carolina, we can proudly say our teachers have both qualities. An effective teacher can have a lasting effect on your children and their achievements later on in life. We pride ourselves on finding great teachers who improve the curriculum and overall environment at Walton Academy.


The Qualities of an Effective Teacher

An effective teacher can have a lasting impression on their students in and out of the classroom. These teachers show their students that learning is fun, and something they should always be doing, even outside of the classroom. An effective teacher inspires their students to be the best they can be and praises all the improvements they’ve made over the year.

An effective teacher isn’t made overnight. The most effective teachers have a combination of years of experience, proper training, the right certification(s) and are always striving to better themselves and their students. Their wide range of experience and expertise allows them to work effectively with every child. Every child learns differently and at a different pace. An effective teacher is able to conform every lesson to each child to make sure they are all learning the content, even if it’s at different paces.


How It Can Impact My Child’s Achievement

As children get older, the learning material can become harder. With a great teacher who is helpful and understanding, learning the material doesn’t have to be so hard. A study was done assessing the student-teacher relationship and the effects it had on student achievement. The research was conducted over multiple years and assessed high and low achievement in teachers. It was proven that students who were placed with high performing teachers three years in a row scored higher, in the 96th percentile, on placement tests. Those students who were placed with low performing teachers for three years in a row only placed in the 44th percentile. This research has proven that the biggest impact on a student’s academic achievement is the teacher.

Walton Academy staff has years of experience and great qualities when it comes to teaching our students. We want nothing but the best for our students and the overall environment at Walton Academy. Bring your children to an environment where they can learn the most and grow in their academics. Visit us online to see what our staff has to offer and contact us for more information!