Walton AcademyWith Thanksgiving and Christmas gone and the new year about to begin, children and families should be getting ready to jump back into the swing of school. Emotions about easing back after the holidays can range from feeling excited and eager to concern, fear or anxiety for your private school Greenville NC students. Not thinking about school until it is time to go back is one way to enjoy the last week of holiday vacation, but for some, this can make going back to school more difficult. Walton Academy is here to support parents, and students who face back-to-school challenges and to help reduce negative school experiences by providing the tips to help transition your student back into school mode:

Start Waking Up Earlier Again

We understand that it is not fun or exactly your ideal vacation morning to turn your alarm clocks back on, but if you start waking up and getting the day going at the normal time several days before your student goes back to school, this can make that first morning back a breeze. Even if a child stays up longer at night, enforcing getting back into a routine will not only help the child go to bed and wake up easier but also get your internal clock back into a school setting.

Build Excitement for School

While most conversations over the holiday break are about toys and activities, keeping school a topic of discussion here and there will keep it in their minds. Once the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, build excitement around your child getting to see their friends or favorite teachers, the ability to share what they got as gifts, and getting back to learning new things. Showing enthusiasm about school and holding a conversation about their favorite things will build excitement and have them thinking about being back at Walton Academy private school Greenville NC.

Keep the Brain Going

Using the holiday vacation to give your child’s brain a small break is appropriate, but continuing small acts of learning is always beneficial. Reading books, doing casual math, and bringing science or social studies into the conversation here and there will continue stimulating your child’s brain without them realizing it.

Encourage Questions and Conversations

Asking questions to your child about how they are feeling is always good, yet, allowing them to ask you questions can give you an opportunity to gain an entirely different perspective of their thoughts about school and going back. Walton Academy private school Greenville NC suggests encouraging your child to ask you questions and to hold conversations with you about what’s on their mind. What will be the same, what will be different, what should they expect to be learning, what is there to look forward to in the months to come? All of these are great topics and conversation starters to delve into your child’s mind.

Getting a student back into the school mindset can be exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be! Following these four tips to get your Walton Academy private school Greenville NC student back to thinking about school can turn first-day stress into success.

Walton Academy, Premiere Private School Greenville NC

There are certainly mental, physical, and developmental benefits to being involved in your child’s learning progress. Walton Academy private school Greenville NC encourages you to practice the tips mentioned above to help balance, manage, and extend your child’s love for learning!