Homework may not be your kid’s favorite thing to do, but it is important to know that nagging and micromanaging often does not help the situation. It can result in your child feeling frustrated, so think of yourself as their cheerleader when it comes time to sit down and get work done. They will feel much more motivated and encouraged with a new mindset on the activities they are facing. Here are some great ways to help your kids succeed with their homework:

Homework Tips | Walton Academy

Do Homework ASAP

If your child does not have afterschool activities each day, give them a time frame to get their homework done after school, like between 3 and 5pm. This gives them a bit of control in the situation while giving them the option to start right away or take a break after the school day has ended. 5pm should be the latest time to start homework.

Create a Call List

If your child is often forgetful or has a question about something that was mentioned in class, a call list of three or four classmates is a great solution. They can also be considered a study buddy that can be called on to practice spelling words and vocabulary. If your child forgets a worksheet, they can call their buddy to take a photo of their worksheet or have a parent make a copy.

Build Confidence

Kids can easily get frustrated when they don’t get things right on the first attempt. Prevent them from shutting down by working on the problem together, which may help them remember how to do the rest. Encourage their efforts with praises to boost their confidence and inspire them to keep going. For the younger ones, emphasize the things they have done well once their assignments have been completed. Praising specific improvements will help them feel more motivated to try even harder.

Plan It Out

When one of your older kids has a big project deadline, show them how to plan it out and divide the project into steps. Help them think about how much time each step will take in order to plan accordingly. Get a calendar and write down when each step should be completed. It is a good idea to include outside activities on the calendar as well, so you and your child will know when there will be other things going on.

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