Walton Academy’s Interactive Guidance Program

By Anna Doggett – Walton Academy’s Guidance Counselor

We are so excited to get started with our guidance curriculum!  Walton Academy will be expanding our partnership with Sanford Harmony this school year.  This interactive guidance program will be administered by our guidance counselor, Anna Doggett.

Sanford Harmony is an evidenced-based, socio-emotional program that uses interactive stories, lessons, quick connect, and activities to build strong relationships and communities.  This program targets each age group individually and provides a fun classroom environment allowing us to teach our students how to connect, communicate, collaborate, embrace diversity, and resolve conflicts.  The students love to engage in the on-going storyline while they are gaining valuable support tools and techniques.  It is imperative to implement these teachings at an early age to establish healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

At Walton Academy, we recognize that every child needs an advocate, particularly in the social, emotional and educational realms. It is our goal to empower each student and give them the tools and support that they need to develop a positive self-concept and drive to learn and succeed.

We are here to support and encourage each child along their journey.