Summer is a time to relax. Especially at a younger age, it feels nice to not have to worry about constant schooling. However, according to some estimates, one can lose as much as an entire month of instruction after leaving school. This is especially true for younger children since they have more distractions than ever. As parents, it’s important to keep your child motivated during the summer. Here are 5 tips to keep your children’s study skills sharp for Summer 2019.

1. Encourage Reading

Reading is essential. No matter how old you are, reading is important! It is the foundation of your ability to learn and process information for your future success. As children grow, reading skills will help them make it through grade school into their college years and beyond. Reading improves vocabulary and helps children expand their horizons on various topics. Whether that be a fiction, non-fiction, or sci-fi book, it’s important for them to read. It also can keep them entertained for hours.

2. Visit Museums or a Zoo

Museums are all over the place. Taking a trip with your children to the museum or zoo for a day trip. Taking your children out exploring every now and then will help them experience new things. Preparing for the museum or zoo can be fun! Having your children read books at home about the artists/paintings or about the animals will help them understand what they will be looking at.

3. Exercise Together

Work out time as a parent is limited, especially with smaller children. Getting creative and doing some fun activities outside will help working out easier. Riding bikes with your family is a great way to be active. It can help clear your mind and gets your children active. Exercising together shows the importance and benefits of living a healthy lifestyle together.

4. Learn a New Language

With apps like Duolingo, it can be fun to learn a new language. It’s especially a great idea to teach your kids a different language. Since they are young, they are able to absorb a lot of information. Being bilingual or even trilingual is a huge deal. It will be beneficial for both you and your child’s future.

5. Limit Technology

Limiting the amount of time spent on technology throughout the day will help increase productivity. With the abundance of technology available at our fingertips and our children’s fingertips it’s very easy to get caught up looking at a screen all day. By setting a time limit on technology, you are able to monitor your child’s activity and keep them active.

Walton Academy

Walton Academy is a private school located in Greenville, North Carolina who is always looking to improve students’ learning. While we are not with them over the summer, we hope parents can get involved and incorporate education into their daily activities. Learn more today!