Private School Greenville NCUnfortunately, kids are not born with strong study habits. In fact, it is said that students must be taught how to study before they can actually begin to effectively study on their own. Walton Academy K-5 private school in Greenville NC has compiled a list of tips to help your child develop and recognize strong, effective study habits:

  1. Help your child learn to identify distractions. If your child gets easily distracted, they will most likely find it hard to focus in social settings. Establish a study area in your home where your child is free from distractions. Then together with your child, survey the space to identify what makes it an ideal place to study. Identifying distractions will help your child be able to create suitable study spaces wherever they may be by knowing distractions to avoid or eliminate. Listening to music without words through headphones is a great way to lessen distractions in social settings.
  2. Keep track of your child’s strengths and work with your child’s weaknesses. When you notice strengths in your child, be sure to point them out to them. This will boost their confidence and also encourage them to be conscious of things that they are good at, which will make them more effective studiers down the road. Praise them out loud, for example by saying, “You’re really good at remembering key details, that will really come in handy when you take reading comprehension tests.” On the other hand, it is also equally as important to recognize your child’s weaknesses as well. Understanding your child’s challenges can help them find ways to adapt during study time. Brainstorm solutions with your child. For example, if your child has a hard time sitting still for long periods of time, help them break their work up with little 5 minute stretch or dance breaks every so often. This will help them get to put that extra energy that keeps them from being able to sit still and focus.
  3. Help your child prioritize. Learning how to prioritize is an essential skill for studying. Help them keep track of due dates and tests with a planner will help them when identifying how to manage their time throughout the week. Each day you can check after them to make sure they completed their to-do list for that day. This is also a great way to communicate with your child’s teacher if you have questions about your child’s assignments or grades.

Walton Academy K-5 Private School In Greenville NC

Walton Academy K-5 private school in Greenville NC firmly believes that an environment with minimal distractions is key to student success. To achieve an optimal learning environment and experience, we require each child to undergo our enrollment screening process where students are observed and assessed academically, behaviorally, and socially. Our enrollment screening ensures that our classroom environment remains focused and that each student can excel and reach their full potential. Contact us today to learn more!